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Missing All Teeth

If all the teeth are missing in a jaw, several implants may be used to replace all of the teeth. In some cases a bridge is fixed to the implants to create a fixed solution and the bridge remains in place all the time (no dentures). Because the bridge is fixed in the mouth permanently, this gives patients complete confidence and comfort and can dramatically enhance the quality of life.


In some cases patients who have been wearing dentures for many years, dentures can become loose and uncomfortable. With the addition of implants, the stability of a denture can be significantly improved. Clinical studies indicate that this can also improve digestion and general health as well  greater confidence as to provide improved quality of life.


Implants can only be placed where there is adequate bone and this can only be predictably assessed by taking a CT scan. These days, it is not acceptable to place implants without taking a CT scan. We are one of very few Practices who have a CT machine, so the process is quick and convenient. Following assessment, we will discuss the options with you and give you a detailed written report and treatment proposal, which also details the costs. We encourage you to consider all your options to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.  

Once the implant has integrated into the jaw bone, the final crown can be secured into place on the implant. Our policy is to follow up all cases for a 12 month period with no additional cost, to make sure there are no problems and to ensure you are happy with the result.


The All-on-4® treatment concept is a dental implant solution strategically designed for toothless jaws. If your teeth need to be pulled or you no longer want to live without teeth, the All-on-4® treatment concept might be the right solution for you.

With only four dental implants, the All-on-4® treatment concept can restore a complete jaw of missing teeth.

This technique offers you several advantages:

Shorter treatment time, lower costs

The low number of implants needed for the All-on-4® treatment concept considerably reduces treatment time and often makes this solution more cost-effective than comparable treatment alternatives.

A very elaborate way of placing implants at the back of the mouth also makes it a treatment option for patients whose jaw bone is severely reduced after years without teeth.


Fixed teeth from day one

Depending on your individual dental situation, your dentist can connect your implants to a temporary bridge on the day of surgery. This means you can leave the dental office with a full set of teeth and return to leading a normal life. After a certain healing time, your dentist will exchange your temporary bridge with the final bridge created by a dental laboratory.

Speak to us to find out if the All-on-4® treatment concept is the right solution for you.